Ten Tips For A Better Presentation

Giving a presentation, to an internal group or to a major customer is a big responsibility. Your success as a presenter is tied to your personal success.  Here are a few tips to help you out.

  1. Understand your objectives.
    In every presentation you should be changing the way an audience thinks or be advancing their knowledge. You also will want to understand what outcomes you are trying to drive, like getting commitment for a full technical evaluation.

  2. Understand your audience.
    They have objectives for attending your presentation and you had better be sure to satisfy them. Also, think about adjusting your presentation style to connect with the personalities you are presenting to.

    Make your next presentation a success.
  3. Get rid of the noise
    After a few days, your audience will only remember a fraction of your presentation. Your job is to distill your presentation down to the few relevant points that you want  them to remember.

  4. Be visual.
    Slides are not your speaking notes. You handle the words and use the slides as visual cues to help the audience remember.
  5. Have a “Power Opening”.
    Start you presentation strong by letting your audience know why you are there and why it matters to them. Attention drops off after ten minutes, so you need to get you key points out early.
  6. Time is money.
    Think of what it costs for a company to put a bunch of executives in a room to listen to you. Be respectful of their time; arrive early and make sure you are ready to go at the appointed time with no excuses.
  7. Provide evidence.
    If your product has a great ROI, explain the basis for your claim. It is not necessary to get bogged down in numbers, but be able to prove your claims. A handout will do.
  8. Be interactive.
    Build a level of interaction into your presentations. Ask questions, seek agreement and encourage discussions and your presentation will have more impact.
  9. Be Prepared.
    You don’t have to be a Boy Scout to be well prepared. When you are in front of an audience, they are looking to you to be the expert and you should know your subject matter better than anybody in the room.
  10. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.
    Giving a presentation is a performance, and just like any actor, you should rehearse your presentation out loud.

These tips and much more are covered in detail on the Presentation Sense courses. Call (404) 242-3041 to find out more.

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