A Better Approach to Presentation Excellence

Are your presentations a winner . . .
        . . . or a wasted opportunity?

You spend a lot of money on marketing; but are your presentations letting you down when you get somebody in front of a prospect?  Are your first five slides something like  Title, Agenda, Company Overview, Locations and Customer Logos? Are your presentations riddled with bullets?   If they are, you are probably boring your prospect and wasting valuable selling time.

My course, Presentation Sense for Marketers will transform how you build, deploy and deliver presentations.  By training marketers, product marketers and for a building a corporate slide library that can be deployed to your sales force to create a more personal experience for your prospects. For more product managers how to create great presentations, I lay the groundwork information about this course, CLICK HERE. Presentation Sense works with technology organizations to enable them to build compelling presentations and create a culture that inspires presentation excellence.  Yes, part of our work is about helping you develop great looking slide decks; but our strength is empowering you to create a culture that understands that compelling presentations differentiate your organization and lead to increased sale.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story

The saying is one of my favorites and yes it has to do with your next presentation.  Do the stories you tell in a presentation have to be true?  

The dress didn't fit!

A couple of years ago my flight home was delayed and I finally arrived in the airport about 2AM.  To my delight, my suitcase was already at the carousel when I arrived.  The next morning whe...

One day of training packed into three.

All too often, presentations are delivered to to fill a block of time rather than acheiving a specific objective.  This real life experience is a great example of how to waste the time of thousan...

Show a little respect!

Over the past several weeks I have been attending a terrific series of webinars on presenting given by well known experts in presentation design and delivery.  It was a great use of my time, unti...

You are not in Kansas anymore!

Video that demonstrates to holographic type technology that you may soon use to give a presentation.

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